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     What Exactly is "Sand Tray Therapy"?  

     In addition to traditional "Talk" Therapy, Art Therapy, and Play Therapy, many therapists make use of another expressive means known as Sand Tray Therapy.  Participants in Sand Tray Therapy utilize a standard size tray containing sand--either dry or wet depending on the choice of the participant or the needs of the particular session.  Sand Tray Therapists typically have a large wall of narrow shelves containing many figures and images that the participant may freely choose from to create and display their "world."  Sand Tray Therapy, like Art Therapy does not ask the therapist to interpret the participant's sand tray world.  Instead the role of the therapist is to be mentally and emotionally present with the participant, witness the building of the sand tray world,  and finally to listen to the participant as he or she comes to intuitively understand the meanings created in the work. Insightful therapists provide reflections and validations as the participant seeks to explain the "world" he or she has created.  Underlying feelings and concerns are typically uncovered in the process as well as intuitive means to progress through identified difficulties with the support of the therapist. 



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