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"Other people may be there to help us, teach us, guide us along our path,
but the lesson to be learned is always ours."



Helping children
and families be all
they can be.

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    Psychosocial Rehabilitation
(Behavioral Skills Training)

     Psychosocial Rehabilitation is a skills driven program that assists our clients to be able to function more fully in their various environments by learning the necessary skills to be successful.  Individuals recovering from behavioral, emotional, or mental health issues are able to successfully live and work within their family environments, in the community, enjoy active social lives, attend school, and maintain a healthy lifestyle with the support of a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist.

     Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services are collaborative person-directed and individualized. These services are an essential element of the health care and human services spectrum.  They focus on helping individuals develop skills and access resources needed to increase their capacity to be successful, independent, and satisfied in the living, working, learning, and social environments of their choice.

Our program for Psychosocial Rehabilitation embraces a  recovery-oriented philosophy. Families and other significant relationship partners recognize the powerful hope and respect these services provide to their loved ones.   At Children's Supportive Services our clients receive person-centered services that are designed to address their unique needs, consistent with their values, and self-determined hopes, goals and aspirations. 

     Our treatment philosophy follows the Love and Logic system emphasizing the Love and Logic parenting techniques. We also use the Mandt System of care which emphasizes treating others with dignity and respect. Our Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program  includes the following services for children, adolescents, and adults:

Individual Psychosocial Rehabilitation

  • Development of parenting skills
  • Ongoing, on-site assessment/evaluation and feedback
  • Primary relationship coordination
  • Symptom and behavior interventions
  • Social skills training
  • 24 Hour crisis intervention
  • Problem solving skills
  • Development of coping skills and symptom management
  • Self-esteem development
  • Assistance in resolving issues between the client and the family, school, or significant others
  • Support of parents in developing a healthy family structure
  • Reduction in the need for more restrictive placements for treatment
  • Address issues in the environment where they occur

Group Psychosocial Rehabilitation

  • School involvement skills and related groups
  • Communication and interpersonal skills development
  • Symptom management group
  • Independent and daily living training

     The professionals providing Psychosocial Rehabilitation at Children's Supportive Services are either Licensed Social Workers (LSW) or Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialists  with a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in a Human Services Field.  Our Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialists  hold the credential of Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner  (CPRP) or the Specialist Certificate for Children.

      Many of our staff are also continuing their educations in academic programs leading to Master's Degrees in Counseling or Social Work.


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