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Children's Supportive Services

Branch Offices:
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Idaho Falls Office

1565 East Lincoln Road
Idaho Falls, ID 83401-2144
(208) 524-8996

Blackfoot Office

207 South Broadway Suite A
Blackfoot, ID 83221-2034
(208) 785-8550

Chubbuck Office

224 E. Evan's Lane Suite A
Chubbuck, Idaho 83202
(208) 237-4782
Fax: (208) 237-9042
















       Children's Supportive Services, Inc.
   Idaho's first and finest provider of community based      behavioral and mental health services.

Children's Supportive Services is committed to the concept that children, adolescents and adults with challenges to their mental health can best be treated in the situation where the difficulties are occurring.   small child readingBy offering treatment, such as Psychosocial Rehabilitation, where the problems happen, it is possible to vastly increase the opportunity for treatment gains to be generalized by the child, adolescent, or adult and their respective environments.  In addition, clinic based services such as counseling and psychotherapy (talk therapy, play therapy, art therapy, sand tray therapy) assist our clients in developing greater insights and a deeper understanding into their current behaviors.  Psychotherapy provides opportunities for individuals, couples, and families to change their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to achieve more productive outcomes in their various environments and to achieve their self-determined goals.  Medication management at Children's Supportive Services offers medical support through pharmacological treatment for those whose symptoms interfere with their daily functioning.

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                                          Children's Supportive Services, Inc.

Helping Children, Adolescents, and Parents Cope with Behavioral and Mental Health Difficulties; Supporting Adults, and Helping to Preserve Families and Relationships Through Professional Counseling, Psychotherapy (talk therapy, play therapy, art therapy, sand tray therapy), Psychosocial Rehab and Medication Management. 

Idaho's first and finest provider of community based behavioral and mental health services.  Children's Supportive Services, Inc...with offices in Idaho Falls, Blackfoot and Chubbuck.

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Children's Supportive Services, Inc.
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