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                      What Exactly is "Art Therapy"? 

     Throughout the course of therapy or counseling, many individuals and families benefit greatly through the use of various art media.  Materials for this expressive process are as varied as the imagination allows.  Through art, many individuals are able to discover, express, and process underlying feelings.  The primary purpose of Art Therapy is to help bring the unconscious to a conscious level, where together with their therapist one may overcome the effects of past trauma or process current difficulties in life that interfere with successful living. 

     Art Therapy assists children, adolescents, and adults in conveying to their therapist thoughts, feelings, and concerns when the use of language is inadequate to express fully the nature of one's difficulties in life.  Contrary to popular belief, therapists do little interpreting of therapeutic art.  Through insightful guidance, our therapists, instead, assist clients to discover for themselves the meaning in their art and extend that insight into further processing of the client's thoughts and feelings. Sometimes the meaning in one's art is connected to the content.  Other times the meaning in one's art is connected to the process of the art or the texture of the chosen art medium.  In whatever way therapeutic art helps children, adolescents, and adults on their path to fuller living, an empathic and sensitive therapist will walk along side and provide guidance and support. The use of art materials can also be beneficial to families and other groups as they work together through a therapeutic art process. 


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